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Teens & Adults

Play Tail

AquaTails' Mermaid Play Tail (non-monofin tail). Made for playing, swimming and walking in, this tail is open at the bottom so that you can pull it up for walking. This is a great tail to perfect your dolphin kick! Made from quality nylon-spandex fabric with a hidden drawstring waist.
From $119.99

Angel Tail

This is one of AquaTails' unique designs, inspired by the Angel Fish and Beta Fish. This tail has extra frilly fins all down the back, including extending past the fluke, as well as some below the knees in the front. These flow and billow in the water, the movement is stunning to watch. We can make all of the extra frilly fins to match the body of the tail, or have some of them out of contrasting color(s). Let us know any special requests, otherwise we will make your frills to match the tail, as in the photo. This tail is custom-made in the USA and comes with a Finis monofin.
From $199.99

Fin Tail

NEW! AquaTails’ Fin Tail features the new monofin from Finis, the Aquarius. Choose which fabric you want for the tail and the color of the Aquarius monofin. The fin is covered with our polymer ridged plastic to look like a real fish fluke at the end. It is open at the bottom for ease in removing the monofin. The photos feature our Seafoam Scales fabric with the Blue Aquarius.
From $203.99

Fringe Tail

Our Fringe Tail has the mermaid-shaped fluke and clear polymer fringe all down the back of the tail and off of the end of the fluke. Custom-made in the USA, this tail is made from quality nylon spandex and comes with a Finis monofin flipper with an adjustable strap, cut to the mermaid tail shape (one of our Cut Monofins). This unique tail will turn heads!
From $179.99